GraniteSTOR Shared Storage

GraniteSTOR: Affordable Ethernet shared storage for video editing


The GraniteSTOR family of shared storage solutions are designed to meet the real-time editing requirements of Final Cut Pro users, address audio recording requirements for Pro Tools users, and provide near-line archive and backup for all users. GraniteSTOR family of shared storage solutions’ extreme flexibility supports diverse requirements, enabling video editors with limited resources to focus on editing video, rather than managing computing infrastructure.


Our performance criteria is simple: Develop ethernet products that provide enough bandwidth between the storage and the workstations to ensure there are no dropped frames during an editing session. With Small Tree engaging in your needs, not only do you benefit from more network bandwidth in your Mac environment, but you also benefit from our engineering and support expertise of real-time dependent applications.

Not in North America? We provide high performance solutions that are available worldwide through a network of partners.

GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-5 image


With GraniteSTOR TitaniumZ-5, you can easily edit your project in real-time, as it happens, in a shared workflow environment.

TitaniumZ-5 has all of the high-performance features, advanced file sharing capability of the TitaniumZ-8 and TitaniumZ-16 products, in a less expensive more portable design. Learn more…