Coraid EtherCloud GM: Global Storage Management

The Coraid EtherCloud GM global storage manager is a scale-out management product for storage architects, providing enterprise-class storage management previously found only in software control planes for servers and networks.

A New Approach to Storage Management

Combined with Coraid EtherDrive scale-out storage, EtherCloud GM allows enterprise and cloud architects to deploy and manage petabytes of file storage with unprecedented ease.

By eliminating the need for multiple storage management products, the GM minimizes CAPEX. And the GM’s productivity features ease management burdens, resulting in reduced OPEX.

Furthermore, the GM manages the full spectrum of storage – from initial implementation through scale-out – enabling companies with diverse sizes of storage implementations to benefit from a single-platform, achieving convenience without sacrificing power and flexibility.

Coraid EtherCloud GM






EtherCloud GM provides storage controls via a global GUI, a command line interface (CLI), and a REST API. By providing a single management console, EtherCloud acts like a pane of glass, providing comprehensive visibility, and greatly improving operational agility for modern datacenters that are built on a scale-out storage platform. EtherCloud enables administrators to control every system, in any location, from one simple management point. Instead of requiring an arcane setup process, storage discovery pre-populates the configuration. By leveraging the GM’s powerful GUI, Coraid systems can be configured typically within minutes after installation. Instead of managing individual elements or arrays, the GM allows storage and datacenter administrators to manage all the resources on the storage network as a single unified pool.

Global Management Manage every ZX cluster in any location from a single web browser.
Monitoring and Alerts Visualize changes in your system via the UI alert LEDs. Quickly provision SYSLOG and Email Alerts for all ZX and EX storage systems.
Storage Provisioning Quickly configure your storage from the ground up. Features like RAINmaker, enable you to quickly discover storage resources, create storage pools, and create file shares.
Global REST API Programmatic control of every aspect of storage management via REST API
Global CLI Command Line control of every aspect of storage management via REST API
Inventory Detailed global view of every physical and logical component in the infrastructure including disks, storage pools and file shares.

Download PDF: EtherCloud GM