Coraid EtherCloud EM: Element Storage Management

The Coraid EtherCloud EM element storage manager is an on-box management product to enable management of an individual ZX.

Straightforward Control

EtherCloud EM provides storage controls via a local GUI, a command line interface (CLI), and a REST API. The EM’s combination of an intuitive UI brings an elegant simplicity to how storage is defined, allocated to applications, and reclaimed.

EtherCloud EM provides low cost control planes for small deployments.

Coraid EtherCloud EM






Coraid EtherCloud EM lets you easily manage any individual ZX in any location. Offering a choice of interfaces (GUI, CLI or REST API), the EM provides comprehensive visibility and speedy control over every aspect of the storage platform. This disruptive approach to managing storage is what allows Coraid systems to be installed and configured – and your resources pooled, reallocated, and more – much faster and intelligently than is possible from traditional solutions.

Local Management Manage any individual ZX in any location from a web browser.
Monitoring and Alerts Visualize changes in your system via the UI alert LEDs. Quickly provision SYSLOG and Email Alerts for all ZX storage systems.
Storage Provisioning Quickly configure your storage from the ground up. Features like RAINmaker enable you to quickly discover storage resources, create storage pools, and create file shares.
Global REST API Programmatic control of every aspect of storage management via REST API
Global CLI Command Line control of every aspect of storage management via REST API
Inventory Detailed list of every physical and logical component in the infrastructure including disks, storage pools, and file shares

Download PDF: EtherCloud EM