Coraid EtherCloud Storage Management Platform

Coraid EtherCloud is the industry’s first true software control plane for architects of the modern data center. The Coraid EtherCloud Storage Management platform delivers unparalleled control plane functionality and enables software-based control over the entire storage environment. Coraid EtherCloud enhances business agility by radically simplifying delivery of scale-out infrastructure.

Coraid EtherCloud GM - storage management

Coraid EtherCloud GM: Global Storage Management

For overseeing all storage components in your system, the Coraid EtherCloud GM global storage manager provides comprehensive visibility and intelligence for managing scale-out data storage. EtherCloud GM enables you to monitor and control storage in a variety of ways: through a Command Line Interface, a REST API, and an intuitive GUI that brings an elegant simplicity to how storage is defined, allocated to applications, and reclaimed. Learn more…

Coraid EtherCloud EM - storage managementCoraid EtherCloud EM: Element Storage Management

Focusing on local storage devices, the Coraid EtherCloud EM element storage manager enables users to provision, monitor, and update Coraid ZX appliances through a simple and intuitive GUI, or traditionally through a Command Line Interface or a REST API. Learn more…