Coraid EtherDrive EX: Unified Storage

Aimed at reducing space, power and cooling, the EtherDrive EX provides a block and file storage solution that is ideally suited for customers that want to start small and scale to petabyte+ environments, as and when their data storage needs grow.

Unified Storage in a Dense Form Factor

Coraid’s EtherDrive EX provides pay-as-you-grow flexibility with availability and resiliency contained in a single node – ideal for customers facing rapid and unpredictable data growth. Self-contained in a dense form factor, the EtherDrive EX packs the right amount of capacity and performance for a multi-tenant workload environment.

In addition to its fully featured storage services and multi-protocol storage access capability, the EtherDrive EX also proves to be an effective container to separate application or customer data that should not be co-mingled.

Coraid EtherDrive EX








With a dual controller design and No Single Point of Failure (NSPoF) architecture, the Coraid EtherDrive EX chassis provides 240TB of storage capacity in a dense 4U form factor – making it an ideal solution for customers that need unsystematic, but modular, scale of their storage infrastructure. Coraid EtherDrive EX, with its efficient Hybrid Storage Pool architecture, uses a combination of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), flash and hard disk drives (HDDs) to provide the optimal performance and capacity in a multi-workload application environment. This enables heavily-accessed data to be served mostly from high-speed cache, while securely storing data on low cost HDDs. Scaling is as simple as adding another EX or two and connecting them using a low latency, high bandwidth data transfer protocol on an Ethernet network. Since Ethernet eliminates the distance barrier, you don’t need to reserve contiguous space in the same rack or neighboring rack to scale – providing true, just-in-time scale.

File System 128-bit addressability
File-level Protocol NFS v3 and v4; CIFS SMB v1
Block Protocol ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE)
Storage Efficiency Storage efficiency features include flexible provisioning with space guarantees, thin provisioning, user, group and filesystem quotas, and more
Hybrid Storage Pools Optimized storage hierarchy with pools of storage containing DRAM, flash cache, and disk drives
Data Compression Can select among 4 compression algorithms for tuning the right mix between application performance and storage
RAID Striping, mirroring, triple-mirroring, single-parity protection, double-parity protection, triple-parity protection
Remote Management HTTPS / SSH / SNMP v1 and v2c with downloadable MIB, read-only / IPMI
Snapshots Both administrator and end-user accessible and manageable (security via RBAC), read-only mode
Clones Writable snapshots created instantly via pointers without space or performance impact
Data Integrity Protects against both ‘silent data corruption’ during disk storage, miscopies, and mistransmissions via checksums and other protections. With self-healing capabilities, bad data is detected and automatically repaired using the correct data (for RAID configurations).
Directory Services NIS, AD, LDAP
Network Services NTP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, and Kerberos
Replication Supports replication within the same EX and to another EX
High Availability Integrated high availability with automatic failover

Download PDF: EtherDrive EX