Coraid EtherDrive ZX: High-Performance File Storage

EtherDrive ZX storage appliances combine an innovative and feature-rich file system with scalable, massively parallel Ethernet storage technology.

File Storage Built on Coraid EtherDrive

Unstructured data is growing at a faster rate than ever before within enterprises. Companies are grappling with the ballooning cost and complexity of managing block and file storage infrastructure at scale.

EtherDrive ZX is a modern, feature-rich file storage appliance designed to work with Coraid EtherDrive block storage.

An alternative to legacy NAS architectures, EtherDrive ZX is ideally suited for public and private cloud environments, video and big data applications, where rapid scalability, ease of use and flexibility are important in a file-based storage system.

Coraid EtherDrive ZX





EtherDrive ZX leverages the open storage architecture capability of Coraid EtherDrive to bring together two best-of-breed systems – a high performance file system that can scale to a Zettabyte of storage and scalable block storage infrastructure that offers simplicity and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage. Leveraging a shared pool of elastic block storage, the ZX-Series protects sensitive data and maximizes storage efficiency for public and private clouds. Administrators can easily deploy a pool of block storage within minutes, which can then be carved up and used by any number of front-end hypervisors, applications, and file systems. Scaling a ZX-based storage system is as simple as adding more EtherDrive SRX shelves for capacity. The use of Layer 2 Ethernet to connect storage shelves to Coraid ZX appliances obviates the need for complex, error-prone setup, configuration and multi-pathing. By using the rich set of storage features that ZX offers – such as remote replication, snapshots and clones, compression, and thin provisioning – enterprises can build highly efficient and flexible file storage systems.

File System Powered by Oracle Solaris ZFS with 128-bit addressability
File-level Protocol NFS v3 and v4; CIFS SMB v1
Storage Efficiency Storage efficiency features include flexible provisioning with space guarantees, thin provisioning, user, group and filesystem quotas, and more
Hybrid Storage Pools Optimized storage hierarchy with pools of storage containing DRAM, flash cache, and disk drives
Data Compression Can select among 4 compression algorithms for tuning the right mix between application performance and storage
RAID Striping, mirroring, triple-mirroring, single-parity RAID-Z1, double-parity RAID-Z2, triple-parity RAID-Z3, wide stripes
Remote Management HTTPS / SSH / SNMP v1 and v2c with downloadable MIB, read-only / IPMI
Snapshots Both Administrator and End-user accessible and manageable (security via RBAC), read-only mode
Clones Writable snapshots created instantly via pointers without space or performance impact
Data Integrity Protects against both ‘silent data corruption’ during disk storage, miscopies, and mistransmissions via checksums and other protections. Self-healing capabilities mean that the bad data is detected and automatically repaired using the correct data (for RAID configurations).
Directory Services NIS, AD, LDAP
Network Services NTP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, and Kerberos
Local Replication Supports replication within same ZX Storage Appliance configuration
Remote Replication Supports replication from one EtherDrive ZX Storage Appliance product to another
High Availability Integrated High Availability Active / Active with automatic failover and Active / Passive configurations

Download PDF: EtherDrive ZX