Coraid EtherDrive: Modular Data Storage

The EtherDrive platform provides a modular data storage architecture designed to support mixed workloads with the ability to scale capacity and performance as you need it.

Coraid EtherDrive SRX - modular data storage

Coraid EtherDrive SRX: Scalable Block Storage

Designed for performance, scalability, and simplicity, EtherDrive SRX block storage solutions offer flexible building blocks for cloud-scale storage deployments. Learn more…




Coraid EtherDrive ZX - modular data storage

Coraid EtherDrive ZX: High-Performance File Storage

EtherDrive ZX provides a high-performance file system that can grow to petabyte+ environments and leverages the open storage architecture capability of Coraid EtherDrive to bring together two exceptional systems. Learn more…


Coraid EtherDrive EX - modular data storage

Coraid EtherDrive EX: Unified Storage

EtherDrive EX is a block and file storage solution for companies that want to start small and scale to petabyte+ environments. The Coraid EX appliance is packaged in a highly-dense form factor, and provides availability and resiliency within a single node. Learn more…