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Get the storage you need, the way you need it, when you need it. Pay-as-you-grow flexibility makes Coraid the ideal solution for cloud service providers and enterprises facing rapid, unpredictable growth. With easy-to-use software and industry-standard hardware, Coraid enables you to handle petabyte scale and dynamic workloads, while dramatically lowering your operating and capital expenses related to storage.


  • Built to support petabyte+ environments
  • Leverages Ethernet to provide flexibility, lower latency, higher throughput, and management/visibility at scale
  • Permits just-in-time scaling independently across IOPS, throughput, latency, and capacity
  • Enables differentiated performance, resilience, and availability at a per workload level
  • Provides automated workflows through both a GUI and API built to accelerate operations central to your business
  • Provides world-class expertise to help design, implement, and support your data center

Coraid EtherDrive image - Ethernet storage

Coraid EtherDrive: Modular Data Storage

Coraid delivers a data storage platform that fits your business. The line of modular EtherDrive solutions delivers scale-up and scale-out performance, Ethernet simplicity, and an elastic storage architecture to handle massive, unpredictable data growth. Designed from the ground up for those who want to build cloud-like infrastructure, EtherDrive is the right storage solution for public cloud service providers and large enterprise private clouds. Learn more…


Coraid EtherCloud image - Ethernet storage

Coraid EtherCloud: Storage Management

Coraid EtherCloud is designed for architects of the modern, hyper-scale data center. EtherCloud enhances business agility by radically simplifying delivery of scale-out infrastructure and providing the ability to monitor and modify the EtherDrive infrastructure as priorities and performance requirements change. Learn more…