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Docker Hub Repositories: vblade and aoe_initiator containers

Yes, we support Docker!

Q: What is Docker?

A: Docker is a relatively new open-source project which is specifically designed to simplify and automate the deployment of applications inside of software containers. Docker essentially removes the need to include guest operating systems which makes the overall structure different to traditional virtual machines. This means that containers can benefit from some of the qualities of typical hypervisors while still being considerably smaller and faster than normal virtual machines. Docker containers routinely offer sub-second boot times thus presenting applications to users quickly on-demand. The small size of these Docker containers and the high-level of abstraction used produce an ecosystem where containers can be easily copied, shared, migrated or moved from Linux host to Linux host anywhere on the Internet regardless of the underlying physical configurations and networking infrastructure. These are some of the reasons why Docker has become quite popular over a short period of time.

Q: Why offer vblade and aoe_initiator Docker containers?

A: Our Coraid SAN storage shelves and hardware appliances use the fast and lightweight ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol to move large volumes of data efficiently over the network. By making vblade and the aoe_initiator openly available, new users to the AoE protocol can build their own prototypes or make their own internal assessments about the suitability of AoE SANs within their respective environments. We understand the need to test things out in software first before committing dollars to a hardware purchase. By providing vblade and the aoe_initiator as Docker containers, we hope that deployments within your organization would be simple, pain-free, low-cost, low-risk and ultimately beneficial to you.

These container builds are suitable for demos, testing, evaluation, proof-of-concept and training. Hardware AoE SAN equipment and appliances with greater performance, scalability and feature sets than vblade can be purchased from us.

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